A few thoughts from
Jon Flora, President & CEO

About 4 years ago, we surveyed our membership to find out what you wanted and needed from your professional association. At that time, many of you asked for online classes, additional seminars, and more focus on professional education versus social activities.  Since then, we have tried hard to honor your requests and, based on current activity, believe we have been successful in delivering what you wanted.

One of the constants since 2013 has been continual change at a rapid rate in our world, our association and our business community. Your individual needs have changed, too. So, it is time to reach out again.

In the next couple of weeks, you will be receiving a new online survey designed to gather opinions from NACM BCS members, customers and partners. Your responses will help guide us as we look forward to designing the products, services and organization that will best suit you for the next 4-5 years. It will also give us some direction about the educational programs we offer; the relationships we choose to have with vendors, national colleagues and others; and, other opportunities to make NACM Business Credit Services the best resource for credit professionals.

There will be no “right” answers.  Just tell us what want you think and want. This is about serving you to the best of our ability so it is important that you speak up. We are excited to receive your feedback. Thank you, in advance, for your participation.

As for current educational events, be sure to next month’s Lunch & Learn about Credit Card Chargebacks. This presentation already has a long list of attendees. Register today if you are interested in participating. For NACM BCS members, it is a free event.

Finally, we have two important holidays in November. Veterans Day sets aside time to salute those who have served our country. To our veterans, we offer our deep gratitude for your service. At the end of month, Thanksgiving is the time of friends and family gathering together to be thankful for what we all have. We hope you enjoy both celebrations that are important acknowledgements of our way of life.

For all of us at NACM Business Credit Services, thank you for being part of our professional family. We appreciate your involvement in the association and the credit profession. Have a great month.