Through a variety of classes and seminars, NACM Business Credit Services helps raise the profile of the credit profession and helps members enhance their skills in the field of commercial credit.

Professional education is essential in career development and to the continuing success of our member companies

We believe  learning is a lifelong endeavor; it doesn’t stop when you complete a specific certification or degree.  A regular program of seminars and webinars helps keep you current on the latest in commercial credit and business trend, and new products.  Check out our event calendar for the latest offerings.

The Credit Administration Program provides participants with a solid foundation of knowledge and prepares applicants for the CBA designation proficiency exam. The CAP program includes the following courses:

  • Business Credit Principles|Offered Online Fall Quarter
  • Basic Financial Accounting|Offered Online Winter Quarter
  • Financial Statement Analysis I|Offered Online Spring Quarter

The National office of NACM also offers may educational opportunities. Take some time to learn more about their online and classroom education.

Members say it is challenging to get out of the office for a lengthy seminar.  We hear you! So, welcome to our Lunch ‘n Learn programs!  These are scheduled throughout the year to offer a larger range of topics for the various industries we serve and provide more opportunity for networking with credit professionals.

We’re limited to 20 seats per session, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Our Lunch ‘n Learns  offer professional development with a boxed lunch at a steal of $30 per attendee! Our Alaska and Hawaii members are welcome to attend electronically at a reduced price.

Have you ever been stumped by a question at work?  Look no further, NACM has a panel of credit experts ready to assist NACM members and customers who just can’t seem to find the answer to the most challenging issues you face in credit, collections, or business intelligence-gathering.

Just Ask-An-Expert.  We can help!

NACM BCS Professional Certification

NACM BCS also provides six levels of professional certification to help demonstrate that you are the best in your field.

Professional Education Scholarships

The NACM BCS Scholarship Program was established to provide financial assistance to business credit professionals striving to continue their education.