Lifestyle Health Plans

Lifestyle Health Plans is an innovative, ACA-compliant group health benefit solution designed for employers with 5 to 500 employees. Healthcare costs are consistently listed as one of the greatest concerns facing business owners and employees today. Lifestyle Health Plans believes that the only way to truly manage healthcare costs is to improve the health and wellness of our members. Our Level Funded benefit program provides turnkey major medical health benefits with an integrated wellness and lifestyle improvement program designed to address the root cause of the escalating cost of healthcare – employee health behaviors. Let our innovative and flexible plan designs, consumer-driven features, deductible credits and cash reward incentives form the basis of a long-term benefits solution for your group.

Integrated Benefit Features:

DirectHealth – 100% outpatient lab benefit program through preferred lab vendor designed to save employer and employee alike

Just Diabetic Supplies – Auto-ship program offers 100% benefit for diabetic testing supplies for enrolled participants

LifestyleMD – On-demand access to telemedicine consultations anywhere, anytime at $0 Copay for Lifestyle Health Plans members

Patient Care Coordination – Program offers assistance in scheduling all outpatient diagnostic and surgery services for

What Makes Us Different?

  • Level Funded group health plan designs available through their reinsurance carrier partnerships
  • Premium savings in most cases of 5-15%, in some cases, as much as 60%.
  • Consumer-driven program features designed to save both employer and employee alike
  • Integrated wellness program with deductible credit and cash reward incentives for health improvement
  • Provides sustainable health benefit program which addresses underlying causes of healthcare costs without reliance or being tied to a single carrier

Ready to get started?

Note:  Being a NACM Business Credit Services’ member you will save an additional 5%-10% of annual premiums (based on underwriting), for the life of the relationship