Data Serv

DataServ is a complete company-wide SaaS solution for document workflow and process automation. Cobbling together multiple solutions is not only more expensive and time consuming, it simply doesn’t work as well.

Single Stream

Robust doesn’t begin to describe their ability to integrate any document in any format (paper, email, fax, EDI). Their integrated SaaS-based Digital Mailroom has state-of-the art OCR that’s backed by the industry leading human validation process to deliver 99% pre-ERP accuracy.

Reduce Cost

DataServ reduces costs in different ways for different clients. Their solution eliminates paper and the errors it brings, improves compliance, decreases turnaround time, and allows your internal staff to dedicate their time to higher priority job functions (just to name a few).

Tailored to You

Their automation solutions aren’t just built for speed, they’re built to last. As your needs evolve DataServ meets them. Plus, your business can never ‘outgrow’ DataServ; their SaaS model allows for infinite size and power.

Increased Accuracy & Visibility

With DataServ there are no workflow bottlenecks and no duplicated documents. Real time visibility eliminates stalled invoices, late fees, and insight on vendor discounts. Think of us as your (software) crystal ball.

Data Serve Suite of Services:

  • Purchase to Pay – Simplified AP automation solutions that eliminate paper, streamline processes, increase visibility, and reduce costs so staff is freed to focus on value-added tasks.
  • Quote to Cash – AR automation simplifies your complex environment and provides instant access to all the data necessary to resolve disputes, answer questions, and reconcile accounts.
  • Hire to Retire – From the minute you post a job opening until the last guest at the retirement party leaves, HR automation places all of your employee documentation at your fingertips.

DataServ’s cloud Integration Experience has been gained across multiple industries, continents and platforms. Their software has been successfully integrated with numerous business systems — from ERPs to MRPs to Financial Management to Email in both traditional on-premise software and cloud environments.

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