Data Contribution

Helping you build better credit reports

An important part of involvement with NACM BCS is Data Contribution. By working through the association, you provide your accounts receivable information along with hundreds of other companies. The result of this collaborative effort is credit reports that help you and your counterparts minimize credit risks in the course of your daily business.

What is Data Contribution?

Data contribution is the reporting of your company’s full accounts receivable information, which is reflected on business credit reports of your customers in the form of tradelines. Data contribution is the foundation for building credit reports.

Why Should You Contribute?

By contributing your full accounts receivable information, you have the ability to positively affect your good paying customers by showing their payment history while also reporting your delinquent accounts. In today’s world, businesses are keenly aware of the importance of a good credit rating in order to receive loans and credit from financial institutions and suppliers.  Contributing your data also gives you an added debt collection tool. In many cases, customers may choose to pay you over another non-reporting vendor because they want their good payment history reported.

Benefits of Full Data Contribution

  • It’s FREE and can help save you money on credit reports.
  • Credit risk can be minimized.
  • It’s a Debt Collection Leverage Tool – Knowing that you can impact a customer’s credit score can encourage them to pay you prior to a non-reporting vendor.
  • Rewards your prompt paying customers by helping them build their credit rating.
  • By helping the growth of your customers, you have a direct impact on increasing your company’s profitability.
  • When more companies contribute data, credit quality and information is improved – especially for small businesses.
  • You can strengthen your Industry Trade Group
  • It can save you time & money if you are doing manual reference checks.
  • Reporting to the NACM National Trade Credit Report provides a national view unique to NACM members

How To Contribute Your Data

It’s easy!  Simply contact your NACM Account Executive or email  Our Data Coordination Manager will send you the necessary forms to get you started. Then, just send your month-end accounts receivable files to the Data email address or use our secure FTP server.