NACM BCS is licensed and bonded for your security. We strictly adhere to the guidelines and “Code of Ethics” of the Commercial Law League of America and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Monies collected are placed in a separate Trust Account, and are remitted daily to our clients.

Since 1928, NACM’s Collections team has specialized in the recovery of monies owed to you by your customers

At some point, businesses in every industry must address delinquent accounts. Why not have the strength of experience and professionalism to back you up? Whether they are within your allowed grace period or have fully defaulted on payment and require collections, NACM Business Credit Services collects from both domestic and international accounts.

FREE 10-day Demand Services

This is an excellent tool to garner payment from customers who are past due but not ready for collections. If you are paid in 10 days, there is no charge to you.

Contractor Bond Collections

NACM’s Collections team works with a contractor’s insurance company to recover your claim.

Legal Services Department

Not all debtors pay voluntarily.  Our local and national network of qualified, bonded attorneys exclusively handle commercial claims when action is necessary.

24/7 Online Portal

Stay up-to-date on recovery for each of your open accounts.

Return Check Services

Meeting state and local statutes, this saves money in collection fees and increase the likelihood of recovery from your customer.

NACM BCS Early-Out Collections Program

When is it the right time to place an account into collections? Typically, there are specific signs to watch for.  Yet, while a particular account may be delinquent, other factors often our members and customers cause-to-pause. To help close your gap on DSO, for a limited time, NACM Business Credit Services is offering a way for you to let us manage your aging accounts before your company turns them over for collections. Our goal is to help you separate yourself from debtors so you can spend time with your most loyal customers.

Don’t staff up, let NACM Business Credit Services step in to manage your aging accounts before your company turns them over for collections.  For a flat $99 fee, you receive:

  • Two pre-collection letters, spaced 15 days apart.
  • Two phone calls following issuance of each letter.
  • Final demand letter, including a ten-day demand notice.
  • All of this completed within 45 days.

Separate yourself from debtors so you can spend time with your customers.  Learn more by talking to your account executive today.