Benefit Mall

BenefitMall is Ranked the #1 Payroll service in the industry (By a combination of Certified Evaluators, Proprietary Research & Expert Reviews.)  BenefitMall does not tier their customers based on size. They focus on true needs.  Competitors have been known to mandate certain products based on employee size. BenefitMall bases products on need only.

Payroll & Tax Services

Payroll services from BenefitMall make the process of paying your employees easier and more efficient.  Choose from a wide array of services and products that range from self-service to full-service and beyond, depending on the method and level of involvement you prefer.  Your payroll will be on time, accurate and compliant. Accurate and on-time tax filing and deposits guaranteed*

BenefitMall Online Payroll

Process payroll anytime, anywhere – safely and securely with our SaaS solutions. Online payroll offers a convenient way to process payroll, manage payroll taxes and view payroll reports 24 hours a day.

BenefitMall Full Service Payroll

If you like a traditional, hands-on approach to payroll service, choose this service. A dedicated payroll specialist is assigned exclusively to help you.

BenefitMall Specialty Payroll

We help meet the specific payroll needs of both the construction trades and the restaurant industry.

Payroll Calculators

Our free payroll calculators are a great introduction to BenefitMall’s comprehensive payroll services. Try the calculators now, then ask us about our payroll services and let us do the calculating for you.

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Note:  Being a NACM Business Credit Services member will save you an additional 10% off their already competitive pricing.