NACM’s In House Legal Department provides a variety of legal services to meet your collection needs, working with experienced collection attorneys  based on the geographical area of the debtor.  We handle cases from the initial filing of the lawsuit until the balance is collected.  This includes Post-Judgment recovery and existing judgments assigned from our clients.

Our legal department first reviews and researches the legal structure of a company, responsible parties, registered agents/address and confirms process service address.  We also ensure a collection source prior to proceeding with litigation.

Complete the online Bond Claim Form and include any supporting documentation.  NACM will file a lawsuit against your customer’s contractor’s bond without delay.

Submit legal claim form

We provide legal services for a wide array of claims:

  • Contractors Bond Claims and Collections
  • Accounts Receivable Collections
  • NSF Check Collections
  • Contract Claims
  • Performance Bond Claims
  • Sheriff’s Sale – Writs of Execution
  • Monitoring of Bankruptcy Claims and Filings
  • Bank Garnishments
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Supplemental Proceedings
  • Filing of Liens on Property
  • Mechanic Liens

NACM advances “out of pocket costs” on all Contractor Bond Claims which consists of filing fees, court costs, and service fees.  You may be required to pay up front “out of pocket” legal costs on other types of cases.  Note, if we are unsuccessful in collecting you will owe nothing to our firm or affiliated attorney.  Contact us for a quote!