• Global Fulfillment, Warehousing & Logistics, Support & Services
    • Their company name reflects the essence of who they are – committed to handling small and large non-automation projects and handling all your fulfillment and logistic needs.
  • E-Store Set-up, Management & Fulfillment
    • Hands Services offers complete E-Store needs, from development to management, including set-up and fulfillment. They can take over the management and operation of an existing E-Store or set one up from scratch.
  • IT Problem Solving, when Internal IT staff cannot fulfill company requirements.
    • Provides IT Problem Solving and unique custom solutions to companies when existing IT staff cannot fulfill internal requirements.

Hands Services has met past client challenges by developing:

  • Systems to eliminate manual processes, maximize efficiency, enable increased growth and add to the bottom line.
  • Customized Password Functions adding auto fill to forms based on the role of the password.
  • Custom Upload Function controlling the use of corporate approved images, fonts, colors, formats, sizes, etc.
  • Merchant Manager Function creating the option of using a credit card or corporate internal approval system.

International Shipping Cost Estimator providing a transparent interface that added the international shipping cost during shopping cart checkout

When potential clients complete their due diligence on Hands Services, the most common responses from their clients on their performance is “they do what they say” and “they do it right.”


  • More than 30 years’ experience in fulfillment environment
  • Capability to handle entire fulfillment process from website and e-store development through shipping and all processes in between
  • Capability to provide traditional fulfillment services, such as product assembly, kit assembly, packaging, mail services, and storage.
  • Extensive experience with data processing, data managing, programming, and systems, including hardware and software
  • Ability to provide customized programming and reports along with their standard reports
  • Capability to provide online live inventory and report viewing
  • Personalization of packing slips, customer orders, reports, letters, and envelopes
  • Respectful and compliant with regard to customer requirements, but knowledgeable and willing to offer alternatives
  • Provide advice on multiple methods of shipping, while considering service requirements and cost considerations of the customer
  • Current knowledge on postal specs, requirements, and rates

Ability to handle domestic and international shipments from initial process to final delivery with timeliness, accuracy, and assurance.


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