Some helpful ideas from NACM BCS Natl Account Executive, Jaime Gibson

Being in the credit profession is an extremely challenging position. Everyday your company relies on you to make important financial decisions. What helps you to make these decisions? Ongoing education is key as it can help you improve processes and enhance the way you operate in your daily duties. 

While at NACM’s National Credit Congress back in June, I was fortunate to attend some great educational sessions. I learned how technology is now impacting the credit field and how international tariffs can lead to economic change that effect how we do business. I also learned about the growing trend of moving to a shared service, how some companies are outsourcing some roles internationally, and how to be a better leader.

What is the relevance of all these lessons? My biggest takeway was how important it is to get away from your desk and take advantage of educational opportunities when they present themselves. This is true for for both you and your staff – and even your boss! Learning about changes in the industry and what’s going on in the world are tools to help you be a better credit professional.

We have excellent programs readily available to you. Our goal this past year has been focused on boosting the education we provide and adapting it to how you live. My boss calls that “lifestyle education”. It’s harder to leave the office today so we have tried to design programs that make it easier for you to be involved.

When you look through our event calendar, make sure to check out our monthly webinars. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback and you may learn something you didn’t know before. Along with  webinar and remote learning opportunities, we are the first NACM to introduce a new forum of podcasts, called The Credit Roundtable. This is a great way to listen to some wonderful speakers and topics all without even having to leave your desk. Just turn up the speakers and answer a few emails while you listen away! You can also download them and take us with you on the plane, to the beach or while sitting in traffic.

For some in-person training and networking, on September 12th we’ve decided to switch up our former Annual Seminar with what we now call NC3 — the Northwest Commercial Credit Conference.  We’ve gone from having one speaker to a jam-packed day full of excellent topics. You will definitely find something of interest as well as getting a chance to see your favorite account rep and network with fellow professionals!

Speaking of networking…don’t miss out on discussing common accounts within your local Industry Credit Groups. Most meet monthly and in my last group meeting, a builder was brought up who is currently being investigated by the FBI, and this was prior to that information being made public by the local media. Imagine: NACM has breaking news! The members who attended and had this gentleman as a customer gathered an important nugget to take back to the office!

The education tools at a credit manager’s disposal are key to sharpening your skills. They might just make you the star of your company! Most importantly, remember to pump up your younger staff, too. Encourage your credit team to attend as much educational programming as they can and advance their careers with the opportunities available to them. Not only will you be a star, but you’ll also know you have left a legacy of great talent!