Dear Members:

We believe membership in NACM Business Credit Services is fundamentally about creating valuable, professional relationships. We’re always here to provide the services and products you need.  Even if you are physically located far from us, our members and customers come first.

Over the last few months, you have seen the roll out of a common logo shared by NACM National and its affiliates.  We have just completed the adoption of the new design that is intended to offer a unified look across the nation.

In the coming days and weeks, you will be hearing about more changes with NACM National that will flow down to the regional and, in some cases, local levels.  For most of you, these changes will have no impact.  If, however, you operate in multiple areas with multiple NACM memberships, we want you to be aware of what is happening.

Associated with the logo, a new Affiliate Agreement was created that governs the relationship between NACM and the affiliates.  This document includes everything from timeliness of bill payments to defining how we all work together.  The logo, along with other requirements, is mandated by the agreement.

After thoughtful consideration, five affiliates chose not to sign the new contract.  Their reasons were ultimately based on the best interests of their local members.  Although we are sorry to lose these colleagues, we do applaud them for looking out for their hometown interests.

In the West, this means that our good friends at Credit Management Association (California and Las Vegas) and Southwest Business Credit Services (Arizona) are leaving the NACM family.  We have enjoyed a very close relationship with both for decades.  In Arizona, we’ve had mutual business interests for more than a quarter century.  So, although we will no longer stand together under the NACM banner, the good news is that we will continue to partner with both for the benefit of our respective members.

For you, this new partnership will bring enhanced educational opportunities.  Along with Lunch & Learns, seminars and other familiar offerings from NACM Business Credit Services, you will soon have access to two new professional conferences, additional online classes and other programs.  We are also exploring collaborative product and service offerings that will blend the best of NACM BCS with exclusive new choices through our independent partners in Arizona, California and Las Vegas.

We are excited about bringing new benefits to you.  Best of all, you still have access to the scholarships, professional designations and all that NACM Business Credit Services has to offer. We are proud to have the best members and customers, staff, products and services.

Thank you for making us Best in the West.