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Many of you know that I live on an island near Seattle. We have 10,000 full time residents and among the population is some incredible musical talent. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Vashon Chorale & Orchestra Christmas Concert. A program of sacred and seasonal music, it was an unexpectedly uplifting performance that has set a positive tone for my holidays.

During a very complicated and beautiful cantata, 60 voices and 20 piece orchestra changed my outlook at least for a while. I found myself realizing how fortunate I am. I have a great family, enjoy good health, and I get to work every day with a special group of people at NACM BCS. And we get to work with you.

We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to be working with you, our members and partners. You are all important to us.

As 2017 enters its final weeks, you are probably seeing or hearing about changes with NACM National and reassignments of territories to other affiliates. You can read about them in my prior blog, On Change.

While it remains to be seen how this conversion will go, it has at least one good part. I have been hearing from quite a few of you in recent days.  Whether out of concern or just having questions about what all this means, I am appreciative of the calls.

It is always great to talk with members even when the reason for calling may be one of apprehension or curiosity. Amid all the angst about National change, you’ve been sharing how grateful you are to have NACM Business Credit Services as your resource. We appreciate your kind thoughts because ours is a relationship not to be messed with lightly.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and joyous holiday season. And, here’s to 2018 marked by our friendships and joint prosperity.

Thanks for being part of the NACM family.

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