A few thoughts from
Jon Flora, President & CEO

Author’s note:  I’m not a big fan of internet acronyms but, in this case, it just works.

This summer I vacationed on a boat in the wilds of northwestern British Columbia. No cell service. No email. Very little thinking of work. It was great.

One night, while anchored in a picturesque bay miles from anywhere, a very high tide raised the boat just enough to get intermittent cell service through the trees. Suddenly and unexpectedly, my phone briefly lit up with a message from one of our members.

She had received a sales call from a what I’ll just label as a “low end” credit report provider. NACM doesn’t represent this particular product simply because we find their data to be of dubious value even though the reports are incredibly inexpensive. Buyer beware.

The member who received the call made it very clear to the salesperson that a) “I’m a member of NACM BCS ” b) “I only buy my reports and other services through NACM BCS!” and c) “Take me off your list and don’t ever call me again!

I really like this particular member and could just imagine the conversation. As I sat in the peaceful splendor of Mother Nature, I was LMAO.

For just a brief moment, civilization found me to convey an entertaining and important message.

This is what a membership organization is all about. We are grateful for the loyalty of our members and work hard to earn it from you. When you have a question, we’re here. When you need help with a credit report or collections, we’re here for you. When you need a job or need to fill a position, we try to lend a hand. Are we perfect? No. But we do our best for you and when you can make us laugh out loud, that’s a really good thing because it’s confirmation that we’re doing the job for you.

Thanks to member referrals, we have had a couple of companies call us in the last two weeks seeking our help. Both have decided to join NACM BCS based on those referrals as well as our ability to immediately provide the services they needed. This is the way a member organization is supposed to work. Thanks for doing your part to help us grow and serve the credit profession. We’ll keep doing our part to serve you.

August is typically kind of quiet in the newsletter world, but I want to direct you to a couple of stories in our August eNews that you’ll find interesting. First, we congratulate three members that have completed their professional designations. Well done! Under the Education bar, read about the 5 Hour Rule for Learning. In the Credit & Collections Business News section, take a look at the latest forecasts about the future of Social Security.

I hope you’re having a great summer so far. Thanks for your involvement in NACM. Stay cool.