An early summer view from Jon Flora, President & CEO

It’s hard to believe 2018 is already almost half over. In the last couple of months, we’ve had the opportunity to spend time with many of our members in Hawaii and Washington. It was great seeing everyone.  We especially appreciate your suggestions on how we can better serve you. The top requests were:

  • Career Coaching and Planning: Several of our members have asked for guidance in planning their individual careers and helping their companies mentor top performing employees. We have identified a couple of professionals who can provide this service and are having discussions about a program that could work for our members. Over the summer, we will be defining what this service will look like and bring it to you in the Fall.
  • Lien Seminar: It is clearly time to do another Lien Seminar and we are targeting Fall for this offering. More information will be coming soon including location, date and costs.
  • Lunch & Learns/Online Webinars: Clearly, we have hit a chord with many of you with these offerings. By partnering with other associations, we’ve been able to offer a greater breadth and depth of programs which will continue to happen. Look for more of each opportunity in the coming months. For example, on July 11, we offer a webinar on Defining Terms and Credit Policies, by Christopher Ng, of Gibbs Giden, Los Angeles.

Congratulations to Leah Ann Sumida, of Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts, Honolulu. She won our year-long challenge to encourage participation and data contribution in our Industry Groups program.  Thanks also, to the other three organizations whose representatives attended meetings every month, submitted names for discussion, and contributed their A/R data, including Charlie’s Produce, Ocean Beauty Seafoods, and Pacific Plumbing Supply Co.

We look forward to seeing our members, partners and friends at NACM National Credit Congress this month in Phoenix. We kick off the event with a Sunday night, invitation-only party at the top of the Hyatt Hotel. Food, libation and special party favors. It’s the only way to begin your Congress experience!

A number of members and friends have asked how our Hawaii members are doing with Kilauea erupting. Fortunately, the news is good. You’ll see an update in our June eNews from a member on the Big Island.

Finally, also in the June eNews, you’ll see a story below about experts predicting the next recession. Sorry to say, it’s inevitable and we’re overdue. We can, however, learn some lessons from the Great Recession that might help us through the next downturn and maybe make it less painful. You’ll see a couple of common sense hints in this issue and we urge you to consider them. Put best practices first in your daily life and work.

After a long winter, it is great to have summer here. Enjoy it and, as always, thanks for being part of this association of outstanding professionals.