Thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO

This column has generated an unusual amount of response in the last two months. In particular, the April commentary about job-seeking when over 50 hit home for several of you. I’m glad it was helpful.

It also created interest from a couple of companies looking for new employees and struggling to find the right fit. Following these conversations, my observation is how little many company leaders know about the role of their Credit Manager. This isn’t a criticism. It’s just an observation.

Credit is an important part of the business cycle that isn’t taught in school. It is vital to customer relationships but is often an after thought. I can see that we at NACM Business Credit Services have work to do in educating the C-Suite about this oft-unsung role with the company management structure.

Overall, I heard some common issues about job seeking and recruitment, alike. So, here are a few ideas to assist in that search process:

  • Employers, make sure you understand the credit job you are trying to fill. It’s more complicated than you may realize.
  • Spend time with your credit staff to learn what they actually do for you. Consider an audit of job duties versus just the job description. You might be surprised at the breadth and depth of scope.
  • Invest in on-going professional education for your credit staff. It will cost more to have inexperienced and unprepared people working for you.
  • Get to know us at NACM Business Credit Services. We can help you when it comes time to finding a new person.

We have a team of dedicated, experienced people among our NACM members who do far more than merely pull credit reports and turn accounts over to Collectors. They ensure companies are paid every day through thoughtful processes and procedures. They have good relationships with customers. Yet, their bosses often don’t fully understand what it takes to do this work until the day the credit person quits, retires, is lost to a merger, or is replaced with a new recruit who doesn’t have the same relationships or experience.

NACM Business Credit Services is your resource during this process. Beyond classes, Lunch & Learns, and seminars, NACM can help member companies and their leaders learn more about credit. We can come to you, help sort through issues you may be having and find a solution. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. Call us. 800-432-5710

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