A few thoughts from our President & CEO, Jon Flora

We get an extra day in February this year so we’re going to make the best of it.

In 2014, we surveyed our membership to find out from you how we could serve you better. From your responses, we put classes on-line ultimately leading to our current free monthly online webinar series. We beefed up this newsletter with better information that you hopefully find useful. Our scholarship programs (the Alice McGregor and Don Conklin Awards) have been enhanced through our Business Credit Foundation to help support member professional education.

Now, it’s time to do it again.

We want your opinion: What we can do better for you in the next few years? Also, what do we no longer need offer?

This is your organization and I’m a believer in coming to you directly. Your answers will help us in program development, budget and resource allocation, and staffing.

Our hope is to get as many responses as possible. We’ll be collecting data face-to-face and electronically. We began with attendees to the recent Hawaii Credit Forum and came home with some excellent feedback and great ideas.

We will be distributing surveys at this month’s trade groups. After that, everyone else will be contacted via email with a link to an electronic survey. There are no right or wrong answers, and you won’t offend anyone if you tell us something that you think we may not want to hear. This association has to work for you and that fact that our membership has remained fairly constant suggests we’re doing something right. But, we can always do better.

One the surveys are tabulated, we believe in transparency and will be sharing the outcomes with you. Thanks, in advance, for your help. We appreciate it.

If you want to attend Credit Congress this year and intend to apply for one of our scholarships, please submit your application by February 15 th. Click here for more information.

Next month, our annual Board Elections will take place.

If you or someone you know would like to be considered for a position on the NACM BCS Board, please send names to: feedback@nacmbcs.org. This year’s slate is almost full but the Board Nominating Committee is always looking for new talent for important work. So, drop a note and we’ll follow-up with a conversation about responsibilities and expectations.

Finally, we are watching legislative action closely and may be calling on you for help. Business is in the cross-hairs this year and we’re paying attention. Read more in our February eNews!

Enjoy your extra day this month, and thanks for being involved with NACM Business Credit Services.