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NACM BCS: Winter Quarter Course – Financial Accounting

Winter Quarter Course:  Basic Financial Accounting purchased Graphic__Online Education
Begins: January 4, 2016 – March 19, 2016
Duration: 11 Weeks
Online Class
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   Would you like to advance your career in Credit Management but your hectic schedule does not permit the traditional classroom setting? Start by taking NACM’s CAP courses online.  NACM is proud to offer Basic Financial Accounting winter quarter. This online course allows you to select the hours that you will be working on your class work.  You have the flexibility of working around your schedule within set deadlines that are outlined in the course syllabus.  While the classes are online, you’re still able to engage with your fellow students through the online system called Canvas. NACM is thrilled to offer online courses that reach our broad demographic area.  Last quarter we had members from Hawaii, California and Oregon. Don’t wait to start your CAP courses, Register Today!

Course Objective:  This course presents an introduction to basic financial accounting. Students begin at square one, learning the foundation of accounting principles. As the language of business, accounting is essential to business professionals. This course provides the building blocks for understanding financial statement analysis.



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