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How Sales and Use Tax Affects Your BusinessPurchased Graphic__Compliance 03.14.16
Sales taxes, and the compliance challenges they present, impact business on a daily basis. The shifting sands of changing rates, boundaries and rules, regular timely filing requirements, exemption certificate management, and even the way a company expands and grows, are all significant issues affected by sales tax. To remain compliant, businesses must perform accurate calculation, collection and remittance of sales taxes, and must properly document tax-exempt sales. Learn everything you need to know to help ensure that businesses are on the right path to sales tax compliance in this informative session.

Speakers: Joey Matz and Mark Wilhelm, Avalara | Making sales tax less taxing

Members have stated that it is challenging trying to get out of the office for a full or half day seminar so we’re putting on several lunch and learns throughout the year to bring additional education to our members at a lower price point and shorter time frame away from the office. We’re also hoping to target a larger range of topics for the various industries that we serve.  We’re limited to 20 seats per session and will be booking on a  first come first serve basis.  Our lunch and learns will offer professional education and a boxed lunch at a steal of $30 per attendee! It also offers the opportunity for additional networking within the credit profession.

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Cost:  $30 Includes boxed lunch

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