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When talking about building acceptance for AI in order-to- cash, one of the most common misconceptions that we come across is that AI will take away our jobs. This however, could not be farther from the truth. In reality, AI does not automate “jobs”, but “tasks”, allowing the credit and collections teams to focus on more strategic job roles, like building long-term customer relationships and applying cognitive intelligence to specific accounts and activities.

Join Bill Weiss, VP of Credit and Collections at HighRadius for this non-nerdy guide to artificial intelligence and its capabilities  for order-to-cash. Not only  will he debunk common myths around AI- like the aforementioned AI causes job loss theory, but also deep-dive to explain what your role as an  executive, manager or analyst of A/R should be in this AI-powered digital age for finance. You would be able to envision the transformed state of your A/R with AI- as Bill shares real-life examples of this technology delivering  valuable results to the credit department of existing HighRadius clients.


  •  Artificial intelligence is real: Results from HighRadius Global 2000 customers currently leveraging AI
  • Real Life AI use cases for credit and collections- Proactive blocked order resolution and invoice date prediction to safeguard your financial health and customer relationships
  • Your role as an agent of change- How you could contribute towards building acceptance for AI in the credit department


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