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October 7 @ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

The Lone Ranger Credit Department: How to Survive and Thrive (Free Webinar)

Speaker: Thea Dudley

If you are a one-person credit department and looking for guidance on how to not only survive but thrive and excel, this session is for you.  You are not alone, many companies rely on a one-person credit department to run the show.  This can work well if you know how to leverage some skills and resources.  Join us for the “coffee conversation” style session and learn a few steps you can take to not only get the job done but keep your sanity!


Thea Dudley Bio

In her over three decades of work as a credit and collections officer, Thea Dudley has trekked across deserts to recover goods, taken FBI interrogation classes to learn negotiators “tells” and suffered through more lame reasons for extending credit then she can count.  She knows how to decide whose worthy of credit and how to go after those who abuse the privilege.

Starting her career working for her sub-contractor father, she went on to work with leading industry distribution companies, including her husband’s family lumber business, working in and leading the one person – nationwide credit teams, serving as Vice President of Financial Services at Guardian Building Products and  SRS Distribution, Inc. before starting Pocket Protectors LLC.

Thea is an inspiring leader and coach who promotes the philosophy of there is enough spotlight for everyone to contribute and shine while bringing out the most from her teams.  She is a national speaker, author and columnist.  Her work appears in LBM Journal and ProSales Magazine and serves on several Boards.

You can hear from of her views on credit, collections and sales reps on Bradley Hartman’s Behind your Back Podcast, episode 14 “Navigating the world of credit” and The Roofers Show Podcast 64 “Credit, Cashflow, and Collections”, along with NACMBCS newly launched Podcast series.

Learn more about Pocket Protectors LLC at WWW.Pocketprotectorsllc.com  and can contact her direct at  theadudley@charter.net, and cell at 864-201-5465.

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