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Wednesday, 6/19/2023 from 12:00PM-1:00PM PT (2:00-3:00PM CT)

Speaker: Chris Kuehl, Ph.D., Managing Director — Armada Corporate Intelligence

4015 North 110th Street

Kansas City, Kansas 66109

(816) 304-3017




Dr. Chris Kuehl is a Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence. He provides forecasts and strategic guidance for a wide variety of corporate clients around the world. He is the chief economist for several national and international organizations.

Prior to starting Armada in 1999 he was a professor of economics and finance for over 15 years – teaching in the US, Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Singapore and Taiwan. He holds advanced degrees in economics, Soviet studies and East Asian studies.

Chris is the writer/editor of Business Intelligence Briefs and a writer for the Black Owl Report – both publications from Armada. He is an economic analyst for the Armada Strategic Intelligence System and is responsible for the Credit Manager’s Index from NACM as well Fabrinomics from the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association (FMA).


Webinar Topics 

  • Mid-year trends and forecasts for the US domestic economy
  • Mid-year trends and forecasts for the global economy


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