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Monday, 3/6/2023 from 12:00PM-1:00PM PT (2:00-3:00PM CT)

Speaker: John Boyens, Co-Founder & President, The Boyens Group, Inc

PO Box 983, Nolensville, TN 37135




John Boyens has dedicated his professional life to learning all he could about sales and the sales process. First as a salesperson, then as a sales manager, then as an executive sales leader and for the past twenty years as a business owner. Today his expertise extends to social media as well. John was named one of the top 100 Productivity Experts to Follow on Twitter.

John’s sales and sales leadership methodology are radically different. Unlike many sales coaches, John explains exactly what to say and how to say it, what to do and how to do it, and when to walk away. John is often referred to as the Sales Guru for his coaching skills that bring out the best in people and is known for his practical, street-savvy style. John’s fusion of real-life stories and his sales training techniques connect with his audience at a professional and individual level with great results.

John is an energetic presenter whose expertise in sales, sales leadership, and professional development is world renowned. He’s continually setting the standards of excellence while expanding his experience in those core areas as well as social media. He’s a sales training leader without peers. His takeaways are real-world and on the money! John gives his audiences tips, tools and techniques they can implement immediately to make money. John will help you achieve your personal and professional goals fast and easily. John has consulted for more than 1,000 clients and addressed more than 30,000 people in 10,000 talks and workshops worldwide. As a Keynote speaker and seminar leader, he speaks to corporate and public audiences including the executives and staff of many of America’s largest corporations. His engaging talks and seminars on Sales, Sales Leadership and Business Strategy bring about immediate changes and long-term results.

John is the author of Real World Strategies that Work, Creating a Productive Selling Zone® and Sell Bigger Deals Faster which have been shared with folks from around the globe. He is the Executive-in-Residence for the Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University, a member of the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council and a Vistage Speaker.


Webinar Topics 

  • The first thing that business owners need to acknowledge is that there is not enough time in a day to do everything they want to do! That means they have to consciously decide what they are going to do with the limited amount of time that they have at their disposal. With over four decades of practical experience here are my 6 keys to time management: Know how you Spend your Time, Set Clear Goals, Prioritize your Activities, Minimize Interruptions, Learn to Delegate, and Set Aside Uninterrupted Time.


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