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Demand for credit from international customers has evolved in the past two years.

It is never going to return to pre-2020 norms.

This webinar will provide attendees with an understanding of:

  • Today’s longer terms and slower payments from other countries
  • Why and how to re-evaluate foreign customers’ creditworthiness now
  • Recognizing credit risks arising from supply chain disruptions
  • Recognizing new credit risks arising from coming economic recovery
  • Macroeconomic factors that mask underlying customer issues
  • Tools, techniques, best practices for international credit management

Gary Mendell, Speaker

Gary Mendell is President of Meridian Finance Group, a company providing credit, insurance, and trade finance tools that its clients use to expand their U.S. and international sales. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in 1976, Gary has over 40 years of experience in domestic and export sales, distribution, credit, and finance. Prior to founding Meridian in 1993, he held positions managing global business development for companies in the pharmaceutical, aerospace, and plastics industries. Gary has received the President’s “E” Award in recognition of Meridian’s contributions to the United States’ exporting economy.

Natalee Palmer, Speaker

Natalee Palmer is a Relationship Manager with Meridian Finance Group. A graduate of UCLA, Natalee began her finance career at Seek Business Capital underwriting business credit profiles and arranging funding for start-up companies. Since joining Meridian in 2018, Natalee has specialized in helping clients manage their international credit risks using accounts receivable insurance, EXIM Bank programs, and other trade finance tools. She works with all sizes of exporters—large corporates, middle-market companies, and small businesses—in a wide range of industries nationwide.

Gary Mendell

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