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Credit vs Sales Departments

Quality vs Quantity:  The Age-Old Struggle Between Credit vs Sales By Paul Krause, NACM BCS Collections Manager I recently had a member ask me how to reduce her receivable problems this year. What I found a bit amusing is that when I asked what their bad debt write-off was for last year, she said “Oh …


“It’s not ME, it’s YOU…”

Specific signs it’s time to place an account in collections By Paul Krause, Collections Manager Over the many years I’ve served as Collections Manager for NACM Business Credit Services, I’m often asked that delicate question of how to determine when its right to place an account into collections. The easy answer is to use 90-120 …


When Customers Become Debtors, Part I — Common Excuses

The most common excuses when collecting on past due accounts. By Paul Krause, Collections Manager, NACM Business Credit Services February 2016 Over my years at NACM Business Credit Services as Collections Manager, the many excuses my staff receives during collections calls sometimes create a chuckle or two in our lunch room. There are a few …