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Be Prepared

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO In the areas we serve, the idea of preparing for earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions is part of the culture. We’ve seen the power of Mother Nature. (Note to self: Check the Emergency Preparedness Kit this weekend.) In the last week, we have seen that power …


Senator McCain is Right

By Jon Flora, President & CEO As many know, I live on an island and commute daily by ferry. It’s a beautiful way to get to work especially during the summer months. Mountains, sunsets, and an occasional whale. You don’t get that on a clogged freeway! The 20 minute ferry ride gives me time to …


National News, Our Great People, and MORE…

Thoughts from Jon Flora, CEO, NACM Business Credit Services In what seems to be an annual exercise, I’m writing this from 35,000 feet on my home from National Credit Congress. If you weren’t in Dallas, you missed a good event. Our fellow members found the educational programs to be quite good this year. And, the …


Is your company struggling to find a credit professional?

Thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO This column has generated an unusual amount of response in the last two months. In particular, the April commentary about job-seeking when over 50 hit home for several of you. I’m glad it was helpful. It also created interest from a couple of companies looking for new employees …


This Memorial Day — Remembering the Service of NACM member, Foss Maritime

Today, we take time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.   Go with us on a look back in history to the service of Foss Maritime during WWII: In February 1941, the 1889 tugboat Arthur Foss was sent under charter agreement with contractors to Wake Island in the …


What can we learn as we build for the future?

By Jon Flora, CEO< In recent weeks, I’ve been sticking my nose into a handful of retail stores known to be struggling.  Partly looking for a good deal but mostly out of morbid curiosity, I ventured into Sears and Radio Shack.  I also spent some time in an owner-operated model train store. Sears was the …


Looking back, Looking forward when you’re looking for work

Either way, NACM Business Credit Services is here to help YOU By Jon Flora, CEO It’s April 1st. Aside from playing practical jokes, this is the first day of NACM’s new fiscal year. We celebrated yesterday being heroes for 2016-17. Today, we become zeroes and start all over again. The circle of life, I guess. …


Customer Service: It takes a commitment

A note from Jon Flora, President & CEO March greetings, everyone! This month, I am writing at 35,000 feet returning from our first Hawaii Winter Credit Forum. The Forum was a great success with about 50 Hawaiian members and a few Mainlanders, too. It was a very good educational event and, after the survey results …


Are we having fun yet?

A note from Jon Flora, President & CEO In 1979, Cartoonist Bill Griffith coined the now-famous catch phrase: “Are we having fun yet?”   One month into 2017 and that phrase fits oh-so-well.  Wow!  As Americans from coast to coast grab pitch forks and prepare to storm the U.S. Capitol steps, perhaps we can use this President’s Day as …


The New Year is Here: Ready or not!

The New Year is Here: Ready or not! A note from Jon Flora, President & CEO As 2017 begins, everyone is looking into their Crystal Balls to see what the next 12 months will bring.  Columnists, economists and fortune tellers all have opinions on what we can expect.  Some will be right, some will be wrong but …

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