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Does NACM education actually help?

  By Jon Flora, CEO, NACMBCS Having spent the first 22 years of my career in private higher education, I have an over-developed need to question the real value of educational programs. This trait is exacerbated by being the son of school teacher who was (and, at 97, remains) an interested observer of modern education. Here at …


Let’s throw it against a wall…and see if it sticks.

Last month, I wrote about changes in our educational programming including a willingness to experiment with new approaches. So, what’s that mean? In the listings below, you are seeing a number of seminars and conferences coming in the next several months. These are all programs that we believe will help you be better at your …


Spring Brings a Fresh Review

As this very long winter soon comes to a close, NACM BCS is entering the season of renewal with a look to the future of our association. For nearly seven years, I have often written about change…and that isn’t going to change! Our customers are changing, NACM nationally is changing, and we believe our association …


120 Years is a LONG time!

A few thoughts from our CEO, Jon Flora Welcome to 2019! This new year marks our 120th anniversary serving the commercial credit profession. In 1899 our association began life as Seattle Men’s Credit Association later joined by the Tacoma Men’s Credit Association. Although the names were a little corny from today’s perspective, this rich history …


Looking Back and Ahead with Gratitude

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO Christmas 1960 holds special memories for me. I was 4 years old; my brother was 9. The Big Morning arrived and my Dad couldn’t wait to take us to the attic. It was a good-sized room that didn’t get used much – until that day. We climbed …


120 years is a long time – but wait, there’s more

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO In January, we begin our 120th year of serving credit professionals like you. Opportunities abound for our members and customers! Over the last six years, I’ve written about the changes we all face in our business lives:  mergers, compliance, you name it. The pace of change …


History Repeats Itself…Credit Professionals Beware!

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO I had a great high school history teacher. He would sit up on a bookcase and, with arms waving, lecture from on high about our Founding Fathers, the Westward expansion, and great truths such as innocent until proven guilty. His enthusiastic lectures instilled in me a lifelong …


Surcharging is here…And, we’re the first to try it

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President and CEO Over the last two years, much has been presented about credit card surcharging. Clearly, most of you are tired of paying the fees for taking credit cards. We have been fielding a lot of calls from members and customers about how to implement a surcharging program. Especially …



A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO Author’s note:  I’m not a big fan of internet acronyms but, in this case, it just works. This summer I vacationed on a boat in the wilds of northwestern British Columbia. No cell service. No email. Very little thinking of work. It was great. One night, while …


July is a Special Month in Seattle

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO I’m writing this month leveled off at 35,000 feet on my way home from National Credit Congress. If you were there, especially for our exclusive kick-off party, thanks for coming. I hope you enjoyed the speakers and presentations. Reading the inflight magazine, I noted that our …

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