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Bring up the lights, the show is beginning

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO Welcome to 2020. There’s always something exciting about the curtain rising on another new season. This year is sure to be a production beyond the imagination of even the most creative of us. An election with an unusual cast of characters, a crazy world with players …


The Season of Gratitude

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO Like all writers, sometimes I run out of ideas. Last December was one of those times. There was nothing more in the tank when it came to producing something useful about credit, collections and our organization. So, I wrote a little piece that had absolutely nothing to …


Kudos from Spokane

NACM BCS receives congrats for Best Workplace award Spokane Mayor David Condon recently congratulated NACM BCS for being recognized as one of Washington’s Best Places to Work. It includes: We are grateful for his kind words and share it with you along with our ongoing commitment to continue supporting our employees, our members, and customers …


Educational opportunities abound for you

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO Halloween is over and now, hopped up on leftover candy, we’re all teeing up for the final push of 2019. This means educational opportunities designed especially for you. In the coming weeks, we have a number of offerings. For most, you won’t even have to leave …


Who can I serve today?

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO I’m on vacation and writing this from a place called Gualala (pronounced Walala) on the California coast. It’s a wide spot on Highway 1 overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean with a decent hotel/restaurant managed by a skilled and welcoming young woman, named Neda. I highly recommend …


Back to School: With best practices

A few thoughts from Jon Flora, President & CEO September. End of the summer. Football returns. And we’re back to school. This is the annual time of renewal for all things educational. Whether it’s that first foray into kindergarten or making decisions about professional education, this is when it all starts! While we can’t help you …


NACM BCS: Recognized as a “Top 100 Best Places to Work”

Throughout this year, we are recognizing our 120th anniversary of serving the commercial credit profession. We have prospered through multiple wars, economic events, and all kinds of business changes. One thing that has remained consistent is that our members have always come first. That’s as true today as it was in 1899. The key part …


Learning More to Help You

Here I am in seat 10C on my way home from Colorado and NACM National Credit Congress. A free cookie and a couple of hours to ponder this year’s conference. One of the high points of our year, the Big Event is always chock-full of good presentations, lots of networking with old and new friends, …


Does NACM education actually help?

  By Jon Flora, CEO, NACMBCS Having spent the first 22 years of my career in private higher education, I have an over-developed need to question the real value of educational programs. This trait is exacerbated by being the son of school teacher who was (and, at 97, remains) an interested observer of modern education. Here at …


Let’s throw it against a wall…and see if it sticks.

Last month, I wrote about changes in our educational programming including a willingness to experiment with new approaches. So, what’s that mean? In the listings below, you are seeing a number of seminars and conferences coming in the next several months. These are all programs that we believe will help you be better at your …

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