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October 2018 eNews

What’s Happening This Month:  Here’s Some Help from NACMBCS Surcharging Report Call for Member Involvement — Join us at your State Capitol Business news for Credit & Collections Professionals We hope to see you at the Western Region Credit Conference, Oct 10-12, in Salt Lake City? Read the FULL issue.


Sept 2018 eNews

Fall is on the way…all the Credit and Collection News fit for print! In this month’s issue from your NACM affiliate: Hawaii is OPEN for business! Western Region Credit Conference is October — Will you be there? Experian:  Modernize Decisioning with Automation and Real-Time Responses IBM:  What is Blockchain? Read the FULL issue.  


August 2018 eNews

The Summer HEAT is on…News, Information and Commentary Here’s what’s new in August at your NACM affiliate. Try NACM Collections and WIN! Tips for strong security passwords The 5-hour rule for learning Credit & Collections Business News Event & Industry Trade Group Calendars Save the Date Webinars & Programs Read the FULL issue.  


July 2018 eNews

It’s Summertime! In between all this glorious sunshine, stay abreast of all the news for credit and collections professionals!  Here’s what’s happening this month at NACM Business Credit Services. Congrats!  To Michelle Lindsay, Crowley Fuels LLC, Anchorage, AK! Learn about:  Ask-an-Expert…It’s one of the best member services available to you Early Out Collections Program:  We will help you …


June 2018 eNews

The First-of-Summertime news is here.  Learn what’s happening at your local affiliate of NACM. Here’s what you’ll find in this month’s issue: 122nd Annual Credit Conference is THIS month. Will we see you there?  Join us at the NACM Business Credit Services Members’ ONLY reception atop the Hyatt Compass Lounge. Tote names new President. Winner …


May 2018 eNews

Spring has Sprung News, Information and Commentary With our Annual Meeting & Seminar, a webinar, and planning for Credit Congress, there is a LOT to read in this month’s edition!  Here goes… Oh, the Seattle Head Tax…just great…NOT Local member of NACM Business Credit Services to serve the Royal Wedding! Annual Meeting, May 7 Read …


April 2018 eNews

Spring has sprung and it’s full of news, information, and commentary for credit and collections professionals!  Here is what’s blooming from NACM Business Credit Services, this month: Data:  Oh, for the Good ol’ Days…A Note from our CEO, Jon Flora May 7:  Join us for the NACM Business Credit Services Annual Meeting and Seminar Congratulations …


March 2018 eNews!

March is a Month of Madness! Stay up-to-date with fresh news, information, and commentary for credit and collections professionals. Here’s what you will find in this month’s issue: What’s with all the political messaging?! NACM Business Credit Services Board elections coming soon. Congratulations to our Credit Congress scholarship winners! Upcoming education and events (and there’s …


February 2018 eNews

It’s the shortest month of the year! And, it’s a second crack at our “New Year” resolutions, with the Lunar New Year starting on February 16.  So, we have a LOT to get done in just 28 days!  Jump aboard and you won’t regret the ride.  In the February 2018 issue, learn about: Women in …


January 2018 eNews

News, Information and Commentary January 2018 Get the New Year started with NACM Business Credit Services.  Here’s what’s going on for Credit & Collections professionals at the start of 2018. Lunch & Learn Jan 25:  Successful Collections Negotiations. Other Learning Opportunities. Winter Credit Forum March 16:  Oahu, HI Member News Read the full issue.

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