The Business
Credit Foundation

The Business Credit Foundation was created by NACM Business Credit Services to provide support for educational programs including but not limited to domestic and international credit information, risk management services, collections, and community education.

The Business Credit Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization and all contributions are tax-deductible as defined by law and the Internal Revenue Service. EIN # 82-907856

Scholarship Programs

Need assistance with your Continuing Education? Look no further. Our Scholarship Programs were established to provide financial assistance to business credit professionals striving to continue their education.

Professional education is the most important part of the mission of NACM Business Credit Services. It is the association’s goal to raise the profile of the credit profession and help members enhance their skills in the field of commercial credit. High quality classes and seminars are vital to achieving these goals.

NACM BCS has scholarship support available through a competitive application process. Scholarships help cover a portion of the entire cost of educational programs and are intended to help reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Combined with any support you may receive from your employer or other sources, you will find that your on-going professional education is affordable.

Lifelong education is the best investment you can make. It will help your career and your employer. It will help you as a person. Best of all, it is transferable. You can take it with you wherever you go and no one can take it away from you. There are few other investment vehicles that can make those promises.

Funds come from the Alice M.H McGregor Memorial Scholarship. Scholarship assistance is available for many of NACM BCS’ educational programs. Greater consideration is given to first-time applicants.

The Foundation currently offers three funds to support with your charitable support:

The Douglas Jacobson Scholarship Fund

The intent of the fund is to invest in the next generation of our workforce by (a) awarding a scholarship to assist a college student with meeting their tuition obligations and (b) help these recipients arrange a paid internship at an NACM member company. The goal of the program is to expose a junior or senior to the credit profession, possibly pave the way to their first job out of college, and give them an experience in credit that leave them with an excellent foundation that will serve them throughout their business career. The recipients will be known as Jacobson Scholars.

The Alice M. H. McGregor Scholarship Fund

The Alice M. H. McGregor Scholarship Fund was created as a tribute to Alice McGregor who was a nationally and regionally recognized leader in commercial credit. She had a notable career and was the first woman to earn the NACM designation of Certified Credit Executive (CCE).

Money raised through various fundraisers, direct contributions to the fund, and investment income provide the basis for the McGregor scholarships. The total amount of scholarship funding will vary each year based on available resources.

The Donald Conklin Scholarship for Professional Education

The Donald Conklin Scholarship for Professional Education was created to acknowledge Don Conklin’s nearly half century of service. He served NACM Business Credit Services as leader, mentor, and advocate for the commercial credit profession. As the association’s president, his commitment to on-going professional education was paramount. He was a believer in the benefits of attending Credit Congress, seminars and other programs focused on keeping credit professionals current in their skills. Awards support members attendance at this kinds of programs.

Funding for the Conklin Scholarship is generously contributed by friends, colleagues and others who share in their respect for Don and his life’s work at NACM.

How to Give

Contributions to the Business Credit Foundation may be made by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Checks should be made out:  Business Credit Foundation.  Note in the memo line your preferred designated fund from the three available.

When giving by credit card, click on the link below, complete the form and submit.  Your credit card statement may indicate a charge from “NACM Business Credit Services” in conjunction with this donation.  Credit cards will be surcharged 2.5%; Debit cards will not be charged.

The foundation will also consider gifts of appreciated assets, real estate, insurance and other resources.  Please contact the foundation directly for more information.

To make a contribution or for more information:

Business Credit Foundation