A few thoughts from
Jon Flora, President & CEO

In the areas we serve, the idea of preparing for earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions is part of the culture. We’ve seen the power of Mother Nature. (Note to self: Check the Emergency Preparedness Kit this weekend.)

In the last week, we have seen that power hit the Gulf States with a vengeance. I have spoken with family members outside of Houston bailing water out of their homes. My counterpart at NACM Gulf States has been unable to get home to Houston until this Sunday. All she knows at this point is that her home has suffered a partial roof collapse under the weight of rain and water.

As for the condition of the NACM Gulf States affiliate operation, all they know is that it is partially flooded. Moreover, there is no way to measure impact on NACM members from Houston to New Orleans.

The catastrophic nature of Hurricane Harvey will be felt for years. It’s unimaginable what 12 feet of water in your home really looks like let alone facing the damage.

Our affiliate has stepped up to offer assistance to NACM Gulf States in whatever form that might be. Answering phones, helping with back office needs, or any other ways we can help are all on the table for consideration.

We are also offering our new charitable foundation – the Business Credit Foundation – as a national vehicle to help the Gulf States affiliate, its staff, or NACM members in the Houston-New Orleans corridor. If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to help our friends and colleagues, information follows.

This is one of those times when NACM, its affiliates and members have a chance to help make a difference for colleagues facing a hardship. We hope that their needs will be minimal. Should that prove to be the case, any unused dollars raised will be conveyed to relief organizations within their communities. Surely, whatever help the NACM family can provide will be deeply appreciated by those in need.

Thanks for joining us. Please keep our colleagues and fellow members in your thoughts and prayers.