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“It’s not ME, it’s YOU…”

Specific signs it’s time to place an account in collections By Paul Krause, Collections Manager Over the many years I’ve served as Collections Manager for NACM Business Credit Services, I’m often asked that delicate question of how to determine when its right to place an account into collections. The easy answer is to use 90-120 …


A Closer Look at Outstanding Accounts Receivable at Physio-Control

By Ben Cox, Account Executive   It’s true that lower balance accounts receive less attention. Let’s face it, do you want go after one $10,000 account or twenty $500 accounts that are overdue? As a result, these lower balance accounts often don’t receive personal phone follow up until after 90 days, or longer. I think …


One thing is for sure: All credit reports are NOT created equal

A note from Jan Minniti, Senior National Account Executive Among my colleagues and other professionals in the credit field you will hear us say that not all credit reports are created equal. There are a lot of reasons we know this to be true. While some reporting agencies provide valid, reliable and – most importantly …


Customer Service: It takes a commitment

A note from Jon Flora, President & CEO March greetings, everyone! This month, I am writing at 35,000 feet returning from our first Hawaii Winter Credit Forum. The Forum was a great success with about 50 Hawaiian members and a few Mainlanders, too. It was a very good educational event and, after the survey results …


March 2017 eNews

They say March roars in like a winter lion.  Well, that is certainly true given the pace of things.  Read about what’s NEW from your NACM affiliate for the month of March: Legislative report Bankruptcy presentation Winter Credit Forum Presentations Helpful Hints: Collections excuses Board elections notice Educational opportunities News from our world Calendar Read …