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When Customers Become Debtors, Part I — Common Excuses

The most common excuses when collecting on past due accounts. By Paul Krause, Collections Manager, NACM Business Credit Services February 2016 Over my years at NACM Business Credit Services as Collections Manager, the many excuses my staff receives during collections calls sometimes create a chuckle or two in our lunch room. There are a few …


Are we having fun yet?

A note from Jon Flora, President & CEO In 1979, Cartoonist Bill Griffith coined the now-famous catch phrase: “Are we having fun yet?”   One month into 2017 and that phrase fits oh-so-well.  Wow!  As Americans from coast to coast grab pitch forks and prepare to storm the U.S. Capitol steps, perhaps we can use this President’s Day as …


February 2017 eNews

February is short-n-busy. Here’s what’s NEW from your NACM affiliate… Legislative Report Winter Credit Forum Credit Congress Educational Opportunities SPECIAL SECTION:  The Final Days of Sugar News from our World Calendar Read the full issue.