Credit reports are one of the most important tools available for a credit manager.  NACM Business Credit Services offers reports from the very best including Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and the NACM National Trade Credit Report.

By pulling a business credit report you’ll be able to make more informed financial business decisions about whom you do business with and how much your firm is willing to risk.  Please review report options below or call to speak with an account representative who can help assist you with your needs, as well as provide pricing.

NACM Business Credit Services works with a number of vendors to provide the right report for you at a competitive price.  Whether you need just a few reports every year or want an annual subscription, NACM can prepare a package of credit reports that best fits your requirements.

Buying the report, however, is just the first step.  After you have the report, NACM’s customer service kicks in to help you navigate any challenges.  Just a phone call away, the Customer Service staff is ready to assist when you need a helping hand.

Any company can pull a business credit report.  In fact it’s a good idea to pull a report prior to setting up a new account, as well as managing your existing accounts. You may even want to check on a prospective customer before the sales representative starts working on a lead.

By pulling a business credit report you are able to make an informed financial business decision. A credit report is useful during the entire lifecycle of an account:

Before: You want to know how and if a potential customer is paying before you issue terms.

During:  You‘ll want to know how they are paying others if they begin to pay you slowly, or if they are requesting a larger credit limit.

After:  You’ll want to know how they are paying other vendors to determine what your next step should be. If they’re paying other vendors and not your firm, you may approach sending them to collections differently.

As a benefit to our members we provide valuable extra business services.

Operational business services designed to improve your bottom line, including but not limited to: payroll outsourcing, document workflow and process automation, artificial intelligence for the finance department, health plans, HR assistance, IT problem solving, global fulfillment and complete e-store management.